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Metro Awakening announced, complete with gameplay trailer

Metro Awakening announced, complete with gameplay trailer

Metro Awakening VR is the latest instalment in the acclaimed franchise.

It’s true. A new Metro title is indeed on the way, although it’s a tad different from what we’ve come to expect from the series. Metro Awakening is a VR title, and it looks positively fantastic.

It’s been a solid State of Play. Hideo Kojima stopped by to announce a brand new IP and dropped a nine-minute long trailer for Death Stranding 2: On The Beach - yes, nine minutes - which included that coveted release window. We also got a first look at gameplay for Silent Hill 2 AND Konami surprised us with a shadow drop of the free Silent Hill: A Short Message which is giving major PT vibes. There were new trailers for Judas, Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin … but it’s Metro that you’re here for. I won’t delay proceedings any further.

Take a look at Metro Awakening VR in action below.

It goes without saying that many PlayStation 5 gamers won’t have the rather pricey PSVR2 headset, so it’s a shame that some long-time fans won’t be able to enjoy this new instalment in the Metro franchise. Those who do though are certainly in for a treat by the looks of it. What else do we know about the game outside of the contents of the trailer? Well, it’s due to land this year so you can throw it onto your 2024 ‘to play’ pile.

Vertigo Games and Deep Silver have been developing the project for two years - and it acts as a prequel, set before the events of Metro 2033. Set in 2028, Awakening is a new story penned by series creator Dmitry Glukhovsky that sees you play as Serdar, “a doctor searching for his wife amongst the claustrophobic, irradiated metro tunnels of post-apocalyptic Moscow,” as per the PlayStation blog.

The synopsys continues, “As Serdar ventures deeper into the Metro his courage and sanity will be tested by the supernatural forces he encounters, and will set in motion the events that lead to his spiritual awakening as something else entirely.” The first-person adventure merges stealth with survival and we can’t wait to hear more in the coming months.

Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver

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