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Marvel's Wolverine coming much sooner than expected, new leak suggests

Marvel's Wolverine coming much sooner than expected, new leak suggests

Is Wolverine arriving sooner than we thought?

With the consensus being that Marvel's Spider-Man, it's sequel and the Miles Morales spin-off, are all top-tier games bordering on perfection, it's making gamers very excited for Insomniac's next comic book video game, Marvel's Wolverine. Insomniac did such an amazing job that it's hard to consider that Wolverine won't be as good.

Since the initial trailer was shown details have been very thin on the ground, we have no real idea of what the game is, whether other X-Men heroes will appear, or even a release window. However, we might have a clue to the last one.

The quality from Insomniac is so high, as seen in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

An artist who has been working on Marvel's Wolverine recently updated their portfolio and listed the game as a 2024 product in the section notes. Hung Nguy has worked on several AAA titles in their career including The Quarry and Company of Heroes 3. Since they updated their page with the initial Wolverine details, they've since been scrubbed and the game no longer appears on the ArtStation page.

This could have been an honest mistake, outdated information or just a placeholder date. We all know that release windows can change for myriad reasons but the removal of the project completely could mean that we'll see everyone's favourite grumpy Canadian next year.

Given that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has only just released and the team could be working hard on the rumoured DLC packs, it's more likely that Wolverine will appear in 2025, though it seems the game is in full production mode.

Insomniac Games has become a trusted partner to Marvel since their first Spider-Man game was received to critical acclaim and worldwide praise. With Wolverine coming soon, and the potential for crossovers in the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DLC, Marvel fans could be eating well for the next few years.

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