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The Last Of Us Part 3 teaser sends fans wild

The Last Of Us Part 3 teaser sends fans wild

Fans are convinced that Dina actress Shannon Woodward has just released a The Last of Us Part 3 teaser.

The Last of Us fans want two questions answered. The first is: Who is playing Abby in season two? The second question, and the topic of today’s article, is: When is The Last of Us Part III on the way?

It’s been a jam packed year for the franchise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been full of good news. Proceedings kicked off when HBO’s The Last of Us premiered back in January, giving us eight weeks of incredible content. That was followed by the far more disappointing PC port of The Last of Us Part I - the less said about that, the better. We then received the announcement that the upcoming TLOU multiplayer release had been indefinitely delayed, following concerns about its longevity. Insiders claim it was due to be revealed this summer. Naughty Dog attempted to satisfy fans by announcing that a single-player release is also in development … Could it be The Last of Us Part III?

Relive HBO’s incredible The Last of Us series below.

The Last of Us Part III is yet to be confirmed but as mentioned, we know that Naughty Dog are working on at least one single-player release and we know that TLOU creator Neil Druckmann is in the midst of writing and directing a game. Given the immense success of the TV adaptation too, Part III feels like a surefire given but we’re still awaiting confirmation. A new tease by Dina actress Shannon Woodward has sent fans into a frenzy though.

Woodward posted a picture taken in a studio with the caption, “Top secret video game”, followed by three emojis. Woodward stood with actor and journalist Ronan Farrow. Over on Reddit, user Mycareer pointed out that Farrow follows Neil Druckmann, in addition to the fact that Woodward used three emojis. You can see why fans quickly assumed this to be a The Last of Us Part III tease.

This theory may have already been debunked though. Some fans claim that if you zoom in, you can see Cyan Worlds written on some equipment. Then again, Cyan Worlds isn’t a developer known for producing performance-capture heavy games, so maybe there is more than meets the eye. It just so happens to be The Last of Us Day next week, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for some news.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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