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Gorgeous new PlayStation console takes the internet by storm

Gorgeous new PlayStation console takes the internet by storm

A PlayStation 1 themed one-of-a-kind PS5 has taken the internet by storm.

It was previously announced that PlayStation boss Jim Ryan would soon be retiring. Well, an enormous retirement party was just held for the outgoing head honcho but it’s a PS1-themed PlayStation 5 created for the event that’s proved to be the real talk of the town.

Jim Ryan isn’t actually due to retire until March 2024, but I suppose it made sense to throw an early party while everyone was in town for last night’s The Game Awards. Those present at the event got ‘Thank you Jim’ cookies, decorated with the fella’s face, plus attendees got to feast their eyes on a limited-edition one-of-a-kind PlayStation console. That’s right. You cannot get your hands on the PS1-themed PlayStation 5 yourself, but you can admire it because it’s a beautiful looking thing.

Speaking of PlayStation, God of War Ragnarök is getting a free DLC, titled Valhalla, that’s set to land next week.

PlayStation employee and Twitter user InstallBase posted an image of the console. The PS5’s glossy black core band was switched out for one in a classic PS1 grey, while the white logo on the PS5’s front plate was replaced with the old classic colourful logo. The console also had an accompanying PS1-themed DualSense controller, similarly featuring the OG colourful logo and a connecting lead that mimicked the original chonky PS1 controller cable.

It didn’t take long before the limited edition console caught the eye of gamers. “Oh man, that PS5 colour scheme would sell like hot cakes to the public! Well even hotter cakes than the PS5 already is,” Twitter user SuperTuberEddie tweeted, while ClankStarr added, “Ooooo that PS1 style PS5/DualSense is fire. I love that the USBC is shaped like an old school PS1 controller input.”

“Everything about that PS5 looks awesome,” commented SourDChris. It’s unfortunate that we’ll never get to buy this variation ourselves. We can only dream that Sony takes note of just what a warm reception this console has received.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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