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Ghost Of Tsushima free download available now, no PS Plus needed

Ghost Of Tsushima free download available now, no PS Plus needed

It's freebie time again, folks

This Ghost of Tsushima download is quite something to behold, and it’s free.

Even better, you don’t need PlayStation Plus in order to obtain it. PlayStation users just keep on winning!

PlayStation gamers have recently received a surprise update for Ghost of Tsushima to coincide with the title launching on PC, and thus the open world adventure is at the fore of their minds.

Remind yourself of how beautiful Ghost of Tsushima is by watching its gorgeous trailer below

With the sequel coming, but with a catch, the fandom is looking for ways to keep the action going long after they complete the game for the umpteenth time. We're not judging.

This new digital collectible comes from PlayStation Stars Campaign, and will set you back only a mere 800 points. Not a bad deal, all things considered.

The ‘Jin Sakai Enamel Pin’ may not be wearable, but you won’t mind that fact when you get to stare at it lovingly as it takes pride of place in your collection.

One PlayStation users joked, “They just want me to spend my coins lol.”

That they do. However, if you’;ve been savvy and saved up lots of points, you’ll barely notice the dent.

Much like user Gangstalivin808, who declared they’d secured the goods, while also boasting about their hefty collection of points. “Got mine, sh*t I have 30k coins.”

We wish we had that many!

If your profile is crying out for some gorgeous Ghost of Tsushima collectibles so you can show off your love of the game, now is the time to act.

We can’t see a deadline on this digital collectible, so you should be able to claim this prize at a leisurely pace. Why you’d want to wait for such a stunning collectible, however, remains a mystery to us.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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