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Ghost Of Tsushima gets surprise free download you can grab now

Ghost Of Tsushima gets surprise free download you can grab now

What a lovely surprise!

We just can’t get enough of Ghost of Tsushima; not that anyone can blame us.

The stunning open-world adventure has been on our minds ever since its launch in 2020. Having recently released on PC, the popularity of this game has only increased.

After such a long wait, players were just happy everyone could join in with the action.

However, Sucker Punch Productions has decided to surprise fans once more with another Ghost of Tsushima update.

We never tire of the Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut trailer.

Everyone has been so focused on its PC launch, that few thoughts have been spared for the PlayStation community that's had no recent updates.

That's all changed since version 2.21 arrived, however.

As announced by the developers on Twitter, “Patch 2.21 will be rolling out for console players today.”

The tweet continued, “This patch contains further improvements to crossplay and updates our matchmaking service across all supported platforms to improve stability for PC players.”

While this is happy news for console gamers, there’s always a downside; several fans have pointed out that there are still issues present that demand investigation.

“I don’t have the clip right now but sometimes the sound effect of Jin just disappears,” Twitter user @ThickThanos200 shared.

Others have also encountered similar problems, and have raised them via social media in the hopes another patch will soon come.

Maybe more patches are coming given the extent of the suggestions on display.

Assuming you’ve not run into any major hurdles, there’s a whole world of mods now open to fans thanks to Ghost of Tsushima’s PC debut.

One of which is a gorgeous graphics overhaul that adds additional vibrance and beauty to this already stunning title.

Version 2.21 is live now. Whether this is to be the last update or just one of many planned updates to keep console users sweet, we don’t know.

However, we’ll take this surprise download with a silent thank you on our lips as we set off on another playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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