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Ghost Of Tsushima just got an incredible graphics overhaul you can download free now

Ghost Of Tsushima just got an incredible graphics overhaul you can download free now

The Ghost of Tsushima mods have arrived

Ghost of Tsushima may have only just landed on PC, but modders are already hard at work cooking up some exciting creations.

Having played Ghost of Tsushima on PlayStation 5, I know that it’s one of the most divine looking games out there.

That experience is only boosted on PC. From the picture-perfect sunsets to the tranquillity brought forth by the billowing swathes of grass, Ghost of Tsushima offers one of the most visually arresting gaming experiences out there - and yet, modders think there’s room for improvement.

NexusMods user JPTHEHERO has released ‘Realistic Graphics V1.0’, giving Ghost of Tsushima’s graphics a subtle boost.

I say ‘boost’ but it’s more of an adjustment. This preset focuses on reshading more so than it does on graphical fidelity.

JPTHEHERO has altered the game’s colouring, neutralising it somewhat so it’s slightly more lifelike.

Take a look at Ghost of Tsushima in action below.

I do see JPTHEHERO’s vision but that being said, I’m already head over heels for this game so it’s going to be hard to tear me away from its more vivid original colour scheme.

“Makes the game visual much greater,” reads the mod’s simple description.

It’s already been downloaded several thousand times in just a few days. If you want to give it a go, you can.

This mod is totally free over on NexusMods.

As for us console players, we’re going to have to patiently await Ghost of Tsushima 2 which does appear to be on the way.

Last year’s ‘Live From PS5’ marketing campaign first appeared to be teasing the existence of a sequel, with several job listings since having suggested much the same.

Reliable insider Jason Schreier then took to social media last week to say that it was, to his knowledge, Sucker Punch’s one and only upcoming project adding that the company is a “one-project studio”.

He also added that development would likely take between five and seven years. With Ghost of Tsushima having been released in 2020, that places a sequel’s earliest feasible launch in 2025.

Let’s hope a PlayStation Showcase is announced soon to offer us a glimmer of hope.

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch/JPTHEHERO via NexusMods

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