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Free PlayStation 5 game available now, no PS Plus required

Free PlayStation 5 game available now, no PS Plus required

PlayStation 5 users can currently grab third-person shooter Interaction Isn't Explicit for free.

All PlayStation 5 users can currently head on over to the PlayStation Store to bag themselves a free game, no PlayStation Plus required.

The game in question is Interaction Isn’t Explicit. I can’t say that it’s something that’s going to appeal to everyone but it should definitely be of interest to those that enjoy single-player narrative driven games and the artistry behind creating video games in general. Released just a couple of days ago, Interaction Isn’t Explicit comes from indie solo developer Frank L. Silva. It’s a third-person shooter that should actually only take you around an hour or so to complete.

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The synopsis reads, “What counts as interaction in video games? This short study debates different aspects of game design, pros and cons, and why such questions are essential for the language of computer games. Explore a visually stunning world accompanied by a simple but effective third-person shooter combat and magnificent music, composed by FRENCH 79.”

To put it simply, you’ll get to enjoy some third-person shooter action while the game examines common components of game and level design, and why they’re used. Already, I know I’m intrigued. Educational and entertaining all in one? What’s not to love? Already, the game has got a solid score of 4.29 on the PlayStation Store, with 72% granting a perfect five-star rating.

Over on Reddit, players were already full of praise. “Definitely worth the recommendation for PS5 owners,” tigremagnifico wrote. “Not an especially long runtime but a rewarding reflection on the systems utilised within single-player story games - both pros and cons - with a unique art style, and set to a lovely soundtrack as well.”

I can attest that the art style is indeed divine. “Looks cool. Excited to play it,” added another user, while one comment read, “Looks pretty interesting and unique.” Like I said, the game is totally free on the PlayStation Store - and you can enjoy it now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Frank L Silva

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