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Bloodborne has a super secret ending that you definitely missed

Bloodborne has a super secret ending that you definitely missed

Have you seen this secret cutscene?

Did you know that Bloodborne has a super secret ending? You do now. There are a lot of little secrets being held in that game as Fromsoftware does love the smaller details.

It’s a scene you can only watch if you manage to avoid doing one particular thing.

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If you want to get your eyeballs on this scene that very few people have watched outside of YouTube, grab your copy of Bloodborne - we all have one - and play the game without ever visiting the hunter’s dream.

I’d say “It’s as simple as that” but honestly, that’s not very simple. Essentially, you can’t die, can’t upgrade anything, you can’t equip runes, or even repair your weapons.

However, if you do manage to beat Mergo’s Wet Nurse and then enter the hunter’s dream, the cutscene you would normally get is filled with fire.

It’s a nice addition for those who are up for the challenge or want to see something new in the New Game+ mode after finishing the main story.

This is all broken down in a recent Reddit thread about secrets Bloodborne players should be looking out for.

The thread is generally filled with players giving other ideas on how to make a playthrough feel a bit different; from using unique weapons, to fighting the chalice dungeons, players have some great ideas.

But, going for that secret cutscene may be the biggest challenge of them all because it’s not a simple task. Any boss can simply stomp you at any moment and unless you’re a Bloodborne God, it’s likely out of reach.

Feel free to prove me wrong. I’ll be over here watching the cutscene on YouTube because I’m a scrub whose old man thumbs prevent him from ‘getting gud.’ I do love me some Bloodborne though, despite my lack of skills.

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