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Bloodborne fans, you need to check out The Paleblood Hunt

Bloodborne fans, you need to check out The Paleblood Hunt

You'll definitely learn something new

I don’t want to have to be the one to say it but let’s be real for a moment. It doesn’t exactly feel like Bloodborne has much of a future.

Should it? Absolutely.

This is a jewel in both PlayStation and FromSoftware’s crown - and if you’re going to jump into a soulslike, this is the one I’d suggest you play.

Even for those skeptical about soulslike gameplay, it offers such a fascinating world that its lore alone will drive you through those tough and tricky boss battles.

There’s certainly room for expansion within this franchise. Whether that’s as simple as PlayStation 5 remaster or as complex as a fully-fledged sequel.

With FromSoftware firmly focused on Elden Ring though, it just feels unlikely that we’ll see Bloodborne revisited anytime soon.

Heck, even with being the behemoth it is, FromSoft is preparing to move on from Elden Ring too.

The Bloodborne memes, the hysteric hype every time a State of Play rolls around … it certainly feels more like a coping mechanism than it does any real inkling of hope.

If, like me and the masses, you are craving more Bloodborne though, you might want to check out The Paleblood Hunt.

Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion drops on 21 June. Take a look at its latest trailer below.

The Paleblood Hunt is essentially an in-depth exploration of Bloodborne’s lore, created by Reddit user Redgrave - with major emphasis placed on the phrase in-depth.

This isn’t your average Wiki-esque summary.

The 107-page analytic document might as well be submitted as a thesis. It’s thoroughly researched, excellently written, and an enthralling read for anyone who finds themselves even mildly fascinated by Bloodborne’s world.

It’s completely free to read online via Google Docs, and don’t just take my word for it. Fans are equally full of praise.

“In the realm of fan theory and the investigative efforts and research required for its creation, The Paleblood Hunt is second to none,” reads one review on Goodreads.

“Probably the best lore analysis essay I've read,” added another.

As I said, well worth checking out. You’ll definitely learn something new.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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