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The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis officially coming 2025

The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis officially coming 2025

Ahead of The Elder Scrolls 6, overhaul your Skyrim experience with the upcoming The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis mod.

It’ll come as a surprise to no one that it’s going to be quite a while until The Elder Scrolls VI is ready to launch.

While Starfield’s release has come and gone, Bethesda is still hard at work supporting the game - with community-requested features like city maps set to land this year alongside the mysterious Shattered Space expansion.

When the focus does eventually shift away from Starfield, that’s when progress on The Elder Scrolls VI will kick up a notch.

Already, Bethesda head Todd Howard has teased that it’ll be the “ultimate fantasy world simulator” with the power to keep its players entertained for a decade.

In the meantime - you know what’s coming - plenty of us will likely find ourselves returning to our old favourite, Skyrim.

Ahead of the release of The Elder Scrolls VI, you’ll be able to totally overhaul your Skyrim experience thanks to the stellar upcoming The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis mod.

Take a look at some of our favourite Starfield wins and fails below.

The Elder Scrolls: Apotheosis is described as a “dark fantasy, story-rich, open world” expansion mod for Skyrim, “set across the 17 Planes of Oblivion and ‘Dreamsleeve’ in an echo of a fallen world”.

“Reawaken, Dragonborn, Ysmir, Dragon of the North; ride forth and reclaim the shattered heart of the world, in a tale of loss, our sense of self, free will and the ultimate price of power,” the synopsis begins.

“You start in the Dreamsleeve, in a twisted fallen world, stranded at the far end of time. Heed the call of Kyne, Goddess of Storms and Widow of Shor. Take up arms and overcome the very grips of death. Or is it your fate to become a memory, faded and scattered to the winds of time?”

“Are we hopelessly bound to our natures, destined to echo the sins of the past, or can we overcome them? What will you sacrifice at the altar of your ambitions?”

If that piqued your interest, allow me to tell you more. Apotheosis will let players explore the 17 Daedric realms of Oblivion - each with its own unique citizens, creatures, and stories to unfold.

Each main and side quest will retain a focus on player freedom and choice, plus you can recruit allies to aid you on your way.

The mod will also introduce several new challenging boss fights, plus there are new arenas, artefacts, weapons, armours, spells, summons … I could go on.

What I’m trying to say is that this mod sounds to be just about as comprehensive as it gets.

It is the work of YouTuber Di0 and it’s well worth subscribing to Di0’s channel if you want to keep up to date with the project’s progress ahead of that 2025 release.

Featured Image Credit: Di0 via YouTube

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