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Super Mario Galaxy gets gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 remake you can check out now

Super Mario Galaxy gets gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 remake you can check out now

You have to check out this UE5 remake of Super Mario Galaxy

Sometimes, you watch a video and it makes you want something so bad, even though you know it’ll never happen.

It’s like when you have those happy dreams where life is perfect and then you wake up and life is still rubbish. Yeah, that’s this Super Mario Galaxy remake video.

Super Mario Galaxy could only be played on the Switch via a short-lived rerelease.

A YouTube video has popped up that shows a fan-made remake of Super Mario Galaxy, fully rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5. It’s glorious. It shows what the game would look like if we get a modern remake from Nintendo for the Switch 2.

The creator, Proj Prod, shows off creating Mario and a small Yoshi planet from scratch in UE5, getting that super glossy, gorgeous rendering we’ve come to expect from the creation engine.

You can see they work step-by-step in the video to create Mario, then the planet, along with some lush steam effects that add to the overall feel of the remake.

But, as I said above, it feels like something we’ll never actually see in full. Unless the Switch 2 is a powerhouse handheld hybrid, we’re unlikely to see something like this from Nintendo and, of course, if fans create it, it’ll get nuked from orbit by the Japanese company.

It’s nice to see how Mario would look with all the bells and whistles turned on, though. He looks better than ever, from the rounded curves of his 3D model to the vibrant colours you get from Unreal Engine 5.

I think most Nintendo fans would love to see the company make a move to step in line with their competition and give us a more powerful console, though that’s not quite their speed.

Who knows what we’ll see from the Switch 2, so for now, I’m going to watch this video on a loop and drool over what could be.

Featured Image Credit: Proj Prod via YouTube, Epic Games

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