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Starfield's skill tree finally gets a much needed overhaul

Starfield's skill tree finally gets a much needed overhaul

Finally, the Starfield skill tree has been overhauled!

Betheda’s Starfield is one of the biggest games to not only be released this year but also one of the most highly anticipated in recent memory.

However, despite this, fans of the Bethesda sci-fi RPG were left feeling disgruntled after it was snubbed a Game of the Year nomination at The Game Awards 2023 which is taking place next month.

Check out the Starfield trailer below!

While Starfield isn't a perfect game, being somewhat of a heavy dose of Skyrim/The Elder Scrolls in space, it offers a vast galaxy to explore and a whole host of intergalactic space adventures with hundreds of hours of fun, especially for that one Starfield fan that is on a 10th New Game Plus run.

That being said, as with just about any modern video game, post-launch patches are often required to fix unforeseen issues after a game is sent out into the wild and Starfield is no exception. Sometimes, an update might even improve a game by adding or tweaking gameplay features.

As with any leading RPG game, a well-thought-out skill-tree system is of the utmost importance as players level up their characters and tweak skills to suit individual play styles. Unfortunately, there may be some Starfield fans who are unhappy with its current skill-tree system and while Bethesda hasn't issued a patch to improve it, modders have taken matters into their own hands.

One such mod is Starfield Pilgrimage created by a team of modders led by VollmetalDragon, and it’s available via NexusMods right now. According to the description of the mod, the purpose of it is to “improve consistency of skills and make each skill mean more to the player. Most skills have been either moved around in the categories or reworked to make them more interesting or balanced with the other skills.”

What’s more, the mod also enables “all crafting skills to unlock all research of the type associated with the skill. No more having to invest four skill points to craft everything!” It also sets the scan range to 100 from the very beginning so that you can scan from a safe distance, and scanner zoom ranges will be unlocked from the get-go as well as being able to use boost packs, ship targeting and thrusters from the very beginning. Finally, the Pilgrimage mod also makes fixes to “the Mining Monthly and Freestar Ranger Gunslinger's Guide perk magazines which have been implemented so they no longer count towards getting skills in their respective perk categories.”

Starfield is out now on PC and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at no extra cost.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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