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Starfield looks like a new game in stunning graphical overhaul

Starfield looks like a new game in stunning graphical overhaul

One Starfield player has applied over 50 mods to the game, completely overhauling the experience.

Starfield had somewhat of a mixed bag of a release. It proved to be both popular and largely well received by critics, and yet drew in quite a number of criticisms from players.

Many of those criticisms centred around navigation and things like loading screens breaking the illusion of seamless travel. Well, the good news is that we know that devs are working on the addition of city maps which should help on the navigation front. In the last few days, Starfield’s biggest update so far went into beta testing on Steam, bringing over 100 changes to the game. All being well, it should roll out to console players soon - fixing a variety of bugs, whilst offering visual upgrades in the way of improved reflections and lighting.

Take a look at some of our favourite wins and fails from Starfield below.

It’s great to see devs working on Starfield’s graphics as, in my opinion, it’s perhaps the game's most glaringly obvious flaw. While we await the full rollout of the update, one fan took matters into their own hands. You’ve probably heard of YouTube content creator Digital Dreams before. They’re somewhat of a wizard when it comes to mods and graphics. Well, in a recent project, they applied over 50 mods to Starfield, creating the sharpest version of the game we’ve seen to date.

In the video, we see the player traversing several planets, with each planet’s unique flora and fauna looking far more lush, detailed, and textured than you’ll find in the main game. What I will say is that whilst watching this demonstration I was reminded of just how much I adore Starfield’s soundtrack. In that area, it undoubtedly excelled.

Many viewers had praise for the mod project. “First shot looks awesome. I can see how you used the bounce light to add depth,” wrote one viewer, while another added, “My game is modded in the same way. It’s awesome to play.” Personally, despite the criticism, I think Starfield will go on to have a long and prosperous life. It offers a vast playground many players have only scratched the surface of.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Dreams via YouTube

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