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Starfield already has over 100 mods to download

Starfield already has over 100 mods to download

Starfield isn't out for everyone yet, but the game already has over 100 mods for you to explore and download.

We are well and truly in Starfield’s grip right now, with no escape in sight; love it or hate it, it’s a game that’s on everyone’s lips. I’ve written “Bethesda” and “Starfield” so much that I automatically start texting it to friends and family. Is it any wonder, then, that there are already over 100 mods for the game?

Bethesda’s sci-fi extravaganza's Early Access has been open since 1 September, which isn’t very long all things considered, yet modders have been working tirelessly to add even more to the game. With 30-40 hours of main quests, alongside a whole host of side missions, it’s not like the game lacked depth. However, while some mods are certainly there to enhance the story, there are others attempting to deal with the bugs that inevitably come with this game. Sorry, but we’ve got to say it, Bethesda games often come with plenty of bugs.

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If you’re looking to improve quality-of-life in space, look no further than mods that remove XP levels from above your crosshair, or a mod that re-enables achievements after they’re disabled when using mods. Alongside options to improve the menu, which many fans have complained about, and allowing players to skip unnecessary dialogue, fans are making the game as streamlined as they want it to be. At least these gamers are just getting on with it, as opposed to those who are throwing their toys out of the pram over pronoun options.

Even without all these mods (so… many… mods), Starfield has had such an impact on the video games community that Xbox X sales have increased by 1000% on Amazon. That’s an incredible increase, and goes to show how powerful this game is in terms of grabbing your attention - to the extent that the game has saved someone’s life, no, seriously; not many games can have that claim to fame.

You can check out Starfield Early Access now, if you purchased Constellation or Premium Editions, or you can wait until 6 September to head into space. Whenever your journey begins, mods will be there waiting for you should you choose to accept them.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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