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All-night Starfield binge saves gamer's life after apartment fire

All-night Starfield binge saves gamer's life after apartment fire

Starfield is a life-saver for this thankful family.

Finally, Starfield is upon us (well mostly) and fans are enjoying the galaxy that Bethesda has been crafting for many years.

Those who picked up the Starfield Premium or Constellation Edition would have been playing Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG as early as last week and many fans have been sharing their experiences with the game thus far.

Check out our video review of Starfield below!

One such story was shared by Reddit user tidyckilla, who revealed that if it wasn't for an all-night gaming binge with Starfield, they, along with their family may have been dead.

Starfield saved me and my family’s life,” posted the Redditor. The post also revealed an image of the burning apartment flames that could have ended the lives of those who lived in the building.

Starfield literally saved mine and my family’s life on 1 September. I have waited for this game since the trademark rumours of 2015-2016 (don’t remember when exactly). In anticipation, I pre-ordered the Premium Edition,” they explained.

“On the night of 31 August, I decided to stay up and play as long as possible to experience this new universe. At 02:26, while playing the game, I heard an explosion from my downstairs neighbour's apartment. “I paused my game to see what was happening; when I opened the door I saw flames rising up our stairwell to our apartment,” they continued.

“I immediately got my wife and cat, rushing us to safety with only minor burns. If I hadn’t been up bingeing Starfield I would have been asleep and we would have all died of smoke inhalation. I want to thank this game for saving my family and me from a horrible fate. PRAISE GODD HOWARD.”Thankfully no one, as well as any pets were seriously injured or worse.

In somewhat related news, Bethesda has re-confirmed that Fallout 5 is on the way and that it will follow the launch of Starfield, eventually.

In our review, we said that Starfield: “is a playground where you can be whoever you want to be. I simply cannot stop thinking about Starfield and the wondrous secrets it still holds. Bethesda, I have one word: bravo.”

Starfield is out now for those who purchased the Premium or Constellation Edition, as for the standard edition and its Xbox Game Pass launch, Starfield arrives for everyone else this Friday.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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