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Star Citizen raises over $700 million, release date still a mystery

Star Citizen raises over $700 million, release date still a mystery

When is this game going to launch?

Where is that release date for Star Citizen?

Back in September 2023, the elusive title had $600 million in funds, and had entered its Alpha 3.20 stage.

Yet still, no release date was mentioned.

Let's throw it back to the Alpha 3.18 trailer for Star Citizen.

Now, Star Citizen has reportedly amassed over $700 million, and still, no launch date has been given.

Naturally, people are wondering what’s going on with this PC experience.

In a tweet replying to IGN’s post about the funds raised thus far, user @TheColeBrewTv asked, “At what point is it money laundering?”

Another question posed was, “How is it lasting this long without a release date? 12 years since crowdfunding started.”

That’s a good question, one we, sadly, don’t have an answer to.

Those who’ve been following this saga since the beginning will be aware of the controversy surrounding it; at this point, people are doubtful the game will even launch at all.

In a written article by IGN, it states that CIG’s Chris Roberts said that “2024 will see the launch of Star Citizen Alpha 4.0”.

Furthermore, Roberts reportedly said that Star Citizen is building up to its 1.0 build, aka out of Alpha and available for all. That’s when the developers will consider a “commercial release”.

However, whether they’re close to such a momentous occasion remains a mystery.

Some players did come to the defence of the enigmatic game, commenting on how you can technically play the game right now.

Still, those remarks are in the minority.

Even games in early access eventually leave said state to become officially released; Star Citizen seems to have forgotten that memo.

One fan believes the game will eventually become famous for "ending up on Scamfluencers”...

They might be onto something there.

We, like you, wait with bated breath to see Star Citizen make waves for anything other than being the game that never quite was.

Featured Image Credit: Cloud Imperium Games

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