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Red Dead Revolver Unreal Engine 5 remake is so gorgeous we could cry

Red Dead Revolver Unreal Engine 5 remake is so gorgeous we could cry

Red Dead Revolver has been partially recreated in Unreal Engine 5 by one talented fan.

Whilst Red Dead Redemption and its successor, the aptly titled Red Dead Redemption 2, are often lauded with praise, it’s not often that we hear Red Dead Revolver’s praises sung.

Red Dead Revolver is the game that started it all. Developed by Rockstar San Diego and released in 2004, this initial entry centred around Red Harlow on a quest for revenge following the murder of his parents.

Given that Red Dead Revolver landed during the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era, you can perhaps understand why it flies under the radar today compared to its more recent successors.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. Red Dead Revolver is primed and ready to make a comeback but while Rockstar may be leaving it in the dust, one fan has taken it upon themselves to imagine what the game might look like remade in Unreal Engine 5.

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The project is the work of the ever-reliable TeaserPlay over on YouTube.

The creator wrote, “We realise this fan dream in Unreal Engine 5. This recreation of Red Dead Revolver, a nostalgic game, [was made] in Unreal Engine 5 with high-end graphics features such as Lumen, Nanite, Screen Space Ray Tracing and Global Illumination Shader.”

“We hope that Rockstar will officially remake Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption soon, and we really hope that this video will be able to clear the level of expectations of the fans for Rockstar Games,” they continued.

The TeaserPlay project is just a concept trailer but it’s exquisitely detailed and most certainly gives an idea of what a remade Red Dead Revolver could look like.

It’s enough to get fans talking about the possibility.

“Red Harlow is who the game franchise is named after. He deserves more respect. I look forward to the day that his character gets revisited,” one viewer wrote.

“You're breaking my heart showing what will never be. Looks amazing,” said another.

It remains to be seen whether Rockstar will ever revisit this classic so for now, we’ll simply have to ponder the possibility.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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