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PC users can now enjoy over 75 free games, no strings attached

PC users can now enjoy over 75 free games, no strings attached

The YouTube Playables library has arrived

YouTube has launched its new Playables platform, granting all users - on both PC and mobile - access to a library of over 75 games, totally for free.

Everyone wants in on the gaming action. First, it was Netflix with the launch of Netflix Games, and now YouTube is following suit with Playables.

Playables is a brand new sub-section of YouTube that all users will have access to.

It can be accessed via both PC and mobile - simply head on over to the YouTube app or webpage.

You should then see Playables listed from the Explore menu.

Speaking of Netflix, users are calling new film Atlas the closest thing we’ll get to Titanfall 3.

From here, you can begin browsing the catalogue of over 75 games, with additional titles set to be added as time progresses.

There are plenty of familiar hits included in the offerings including Cut The Rope and Angry Birds Showdown.

Oh the hours I spent playing Cut The Rope back in 2010.

Words of Wonders, Tomb of the Mask, Trivia Crack, Pocket Champions, and Mob Control are just a few other examples.

Given that there’s over 75 games included, I’m sure you’ll find something that’s your cup of tea.

If you’re used to diving into the latest live-service hit or spending 100-plus hours grinding through an RPG, this certainly isn’t going to replace that.

What YouTube Playables offers is bite-sized gaming that you can either enjoy in your browser during a quick break, or on-the-go via your mobile phone.

It’s a totally free offering so we can’t complain.

If you are a PC user on the lookout for something a tad more substantial, you can currently bag a £35 free game totally for free on Steam, no strings attached.

That particular offer expires tomorrow though, on 30 May, so act fast if you want it to be yours.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube, Alexander Kovalev via Pexels

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