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PC free games: two critically acclaimed bangers downloadable now, no subscription needed

PC free games: two critically acclaimed bangers downloadable now, no subscription needed

They don't make bangers like these anymore!

Hello, freebies! PC gamers can download two awesome games right now, without a subscription.

Europa Universalis IV and Orwell: Keeping An Eye On You are certified bangers, not just in our eyes, but in the eyes of previous players.

Enjoy the feels from the Europa Universalis IV anniversary trailer

Fortunately, the review bombing happening on another PC freebie isn’t happening here. If you visit the Epic Games store, you’ll see that both games have consistently high ratings, so you know these aren’t flukes, they’re the real deal.

But what are you getting for free? After all, as cool as a freebie is, you don’t want to download a game without having a few specific details first.

Let’s start with Orwell for PC, which is the smaller game of the two. Initially released in 2016, this game explores the unsettling scrutiny of Big Brother watching you at all times. As a researcher, you’ll get to search webpages, eavesdrop on conversations, control the flow of information, and ultimately decide the fate of The Nation.

It’s a paranoia-filled single-player that’ll keep you wondering until the very end, and will play on both Windows and Mac. Just don’t play it if you’re prone to feeling watched… it may tap into some fears you don’t want to explore…

As for Europa Universalis IV, it’s an epic educational game that usually retails at £34.99. In the fourth instalment of the franchise, you can expect the same level of depth, control, and polish that you’ve seen in previous Europa Universalis titles.

Often games lull you in by saying it brings the past to life, only to leave players disappointed, but with this game, you really are thrown into the depths of history. Strategically brilliant, this is a romp through time that allows you to lead nations to victory or ruin.

We think you’ll agree that both games are thrilling in their own way. If you intend to rule over the masses in either or both of these titles, you have until 17 August to download them for free.

Featured Image Credit: Paradox Development Studio, Osmotic Studios

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