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New Dark Souls game available now, and it'll push you to the limit

New Dark Souls game available now, and it'll push you to the limit

We thought we knew pain, but this... this is something else

This is a Dark Souls game I never want to play, for I know I’ll suffer for my mistakes if I do.

If we’re being totally honest, no Dark Souls experience, be that official or inspired, is forgiving. However, this particular title would defeat me in mere seconds.

The premise is extremely simple, yet don’t be fooled into believing it easier because of that.

FromSoft Word is Microsoft Word intent on maiming and killing you for your poor typing skills; all I can say is that I am doomed.

Not long now until Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is here, and we can all cry together

Thanks to fingers that type faster than my brain can check, typos are commonplace for me. But maybe you relish a challenge; and no dare will ever be as great as this one.

Any error, no matter how insignificant to you, will result in death (in-game, of course). If you thought the ol’ Microsoft paperclip was patronising as heck, you’ll soon think of it more fondly thanks to this game.

But what does this in-game death look like? After all, you’re not a pixelated FromSoftware character on the screen...

Oh, that would be preferable to this.

The game will delete your work forever. Obviously, if you’re about to attempt to write your university dissertation in FromSoft Word, we advise you have a backup.

There’s one feature that can save you from this fate, though: don’t press the space bar. If you spot the typo before doing this, you can correct your grave mistake. But if you hit that space bar to move on, it’s over for you and your words.

You’ll then be faced with your failure in the iconic crimson red font of Souls’ game over screen, followed by your final score, and the typo that signalled your demise.

Anyone who’s ever had a nightmare about failing a class will know the fear you feel at having your mistakes laid bare for all to see.

We genuinely hope your fingers are as skilled as your blade.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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