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Mass Effect: Take Earth Back is sci-fi epic we deserve

Mass Effect: Take Earth Back is sci-fi epic we deserve

This expansion fixes some problems with the original games

We can all agree that the Mass Effect series is one of the best RPGs out there but nothing is ever perfect and this free expansion aims to fix BioWare’s mistakes.

First released back in 2007 with Mass Effect before going on to release four more major entries, the Mass Effect series by BioWare is widely considered as one of the best sci-fi RPGs of all time.

Check out the Mass Effect Legendary Edition below!

Telling the story of Commander Shepard and their crew who must protect humanity from the biggest threat it has ever faced, it is a master of storytelling despite the original games being quite outdated by today’s standards.

However, some fans were left unhappy with the final mission in 2012’s Mass Effect 3 after BioWare didn’t account for some of the War Assets players had collected throughout the game.

Luckily, one free expansion aims to fix it by “representing the allies you have gathered over the course of the trilogy, fixing bugs and adding ambient immersive events.”

Mass Effect: Take Earth Back is an overhaul for the Mass Effect 3 Priority: Earth mission and focuses on an overhaul of the Earth hub so it features more than 28 War Assets as well as “cut content restorations, new interactive conversations and more”.

Available to download free on Nexus Mods, this mod also includes a dialogue overhaul, full motion events, new events, new models and mission overhauls and is the result of extensive work by a dedicated team of creators.

With BioWare reportedly hoping to go a lot further than they did with Mass Effect 3, this mod restores as much as possible whilst maintaining the beauty of the original game.

In related news, a fellow expansion aims to act as a “total conversion” for Mass Effect and is also available to download for free right now.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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