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Mass Effect: A New Destiny is a huge new adventure you can play free

Mass Effect: A New Destiny is a huge new adventure you can play free

Mass Effect fans assemble!

It has been seven years since the latest Mass Effect title so it is safe to say that fans of the RPG series are ready for the next instalment.

However, with BioWare seemingly in no rush, it is down to fans and creators to keep the franchise alive and that is definitely possible thanks to Mass Effect: A New Destiny.

Check out the trailer for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition below!

Before that, the Mass Effect series first launched in 2007 and told the story of the iconic Commander Shepard as they led an elite squad in an action-packed adventure across the galaxy.

Since then, the RPG series has gone on to receive three more entries with the most recent, Mass Effect: Andromeda, releasing in 2017. With a fifth title reportedly in the works, not much is yet known so until then, the Mass Effect: A New Destiny mod project is perfect for those who are wanting more.

Mass Effect: A New Destiny, the upcoming total conversion for Stellaris focused on choice and consequences,” reads the official synopsis. “Live out the story of the trilogy or create unique scenarios that change the fate of the galaxy forever!”

As mentioned, Mass Effect: A New Destiny is an upcoming “total conversion” for the game which takes place “just prior to the First Contact War and ends at the climactic conclusion of Mass Effect 3”.

According to its creators, the mod aims to maintain an authentic Mass Effect experience whilst also making some small tweaks and “exchanging lore for fun gameplay in a 4K setting”.

The mod pack includes 20 playable empires including the Asari Republics, Salarian Union, Courts of Dekunna and more.

Now in early access since 2023, Mass Effect: A New Destiny is free to download and enjoy and will be the perfect thing to pass the time whilst waiting for the fifth instalment in the official BioWare series.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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