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Mass Effect players can save both Ashley and Kaiden, because choosing is for chumps

Mass Effect players can save both Ashley and Kaiden, because choosing is for chumps

Just this once, you can save them all!

If you’ve spent an ungodly number of hours wondering who you should save on Virmire, you no longer need to. The choice has been removed so that you can save both Ashley and Kaiden.

There are many decisions in Mass Effect that will come back to haunt you, but choosing who lives and who dies – in this instant – isn’t one of them.

Personally, I always save Kaiden because Ashley has some... questionable... beliefs about other races.

However, if you feel Ashley isn’t quite deserving of death for her sins, ‘Virmire Savior Mod (LE1)’ is how to do it.

Remember the first time you watched the Mass Effect Legendary Edition trailer?

This mod, created by Vegz, “restores cut audio” and “adds new content to the Virmire mission”, both of which will make saving both characters easy.

After such a disheartening Mass Effect 5 update, we need all the positives we can get.

Those interested in downloading and trying out this mod for themselves, please bear in mind that you need to save the two characters at a specific point.

“The ability to save both is only possible if you save the squadmate at the bomb site, SAVING THE SQUADMATE AT THE AA TOWER WILL NOT WORK,” Vegz posted.

Fans who’ve already saved their beloved squad mates have praised the mod for working “like a charm”.

Of course, while we can save Ashley and Kaiden, there’s one key character in ME5 that apparently won’t be returning; sad times, folks.

That could change between now and when BioWare finally releases the game. However, it’s fair to say that said character appearing is unlikely.

We can’t anticipate the future though, so why even try? Instead, return to the heady days of the original ME and save everyone you can. Even if they’re annoying.

‘Virmire Savior Mod (LE1)’ is available right now on NexusMods, and will cost you nothing.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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