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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets small expansion you can download now

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets small expansion you can download now

It's the small things that matter

Sometimes, it’s the small but mighty expansions that are the best, which is why this Mass Effect extra should definitely be on your radar.

Despite a new Mass Effect game being on the very distant, oh-so-small-we-almost-can't-see-it horizon, we’re more concerned with the original trilogy. Chiefly, how we can improve it.

As a longtime fan of the series, there’s part of me that sticks to the saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, having felt the pang of betrayal when ME3 delivered that ending, I also know that additions are necessary.

Seems fitting to show you you the side-by-side comparison of Mass Effect 1 and the ME: Legendary Edition

This NexusMods download won’t dramatically alter the game like the mods that allow you to face the Reapers with friends via multiplayer modes, but it’ll add a few extra perks.

Titled ‘My Little Extension’, the name perfectly summarises the scale of this addition.

Designed for the Legendary Edition of the game, it delivers “weapons, armours, outfits, Phantom Armour store rework and some fixes”.

It’s simple. It’s small. But it cuts through the unnecessary fluff because of that fact.

Players who’ve already downloaded this bitesize expansion are satisfied with their experience, and are happy to get their digital hands on such cool armour.

“This looks awesome! Always wanted to wear Zaeed's armour, it just looks so badass with the exposed biceps and all haha,” commented ACK78.

Another member, this time danielpogrebinsky, posted, “Hell yea, thank you. I've been waiting for the collector weapons and usable spitfire forever.” They added, “Also, thanks for the improved armours.”

With gruelling missions that have wildly brutal alternate endings, we need to take pleasure in the small pockets of calm we can find. When all that matters is how badass you look, and what guns you get to play with.

Mass Effect 5 may not be coming to the consoles we were expecting, but at least we’ve got a long list of ME mods to ease our suffering as we come to terms with that news.

‘My Little Extension’ is available to download, for free, from NexusMods.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts, Leszek90 via NexusMods

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