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Marvel fans can download and keep a free superhero game right now

Marvel fans can download and keep a free superhero game right now

Hilarious banter and foolhardy antics await!

If you’ve been hungry for a superhero game to play since finishing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you’re in luck because there’s a free Marvel game available that’s sure to put a smile on your face.

The freebie in question is the massively entertaining Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, an action-adventure title that first launched in 2021 and to much praise at that. Similar to Spider-Man’s escapades, the Guardians of the Galaxy gang did very well in this outing, with the game scoring high marks across the board.

How amazing does the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy gameplay look?

“What a great game,” shared one fan. “If you enjoy the movies you'll like this.”

Yielding “very positive” reviews over on Steam, you might be tempted to purchase the game, only to see it has a hefty price tag of £50.49. Although it’s an incredible game, that isn’t a price we want to see.

Fortunately, if you head over to the Epic Games store you don’t have to, as it’s offering Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for nothing. Nada. Zilch. I’ve run out of words, but you get the point. Best of all, while a limited-time-only deal, you do have until 11 January to download the game, meaning there’s plenty of time to score big.

If you fail to do so, that’s on you.

Even gamers who aren’t Marvel lovers have positive things to say, like this one reviewer who said, “I absolutely hate superhero movies and the Marvel brand in general, but was strongly recommended this game and am extremely glad I gave it a shot. Guardians of the Galaxy is easily one of the most entertaining single player games I have played in a long time full of moments you will remember and laugh at.”

With that ringing endorsement, you’d be foolish not to hit that get button and call it your own. Remember, you have until 11 January at 4 PM to get it for free before it returns to Epic’s price of £49.99.

Featured Image Credit: Sony/Marvel

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