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Halo 2 getting new missions after 20 years

Halo 2 getting new missions after 20 years

It's a miracle

Halo 2 is getting some of its first new content in over 20 years, and you can play it right now on PC.

While Halo 2 is arguably one of the longest games in the series due to its mission count, a huge portion of its planned missions were scrapped before release, though it looks like many of them are on their way back.

Check out Halo 2: Anniversary below, playable through the Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Bungie’s second Halo game went through a rough patch of development that saw a variety of planned content cut from the final game, including a warthog run as the final mission, a mission where Master Chief gives the Covenant back their bomb, as well as loads of multiplayer maps.

While the game Bungie had in mind was a little too ambitious to see the light of day, modders have been working with 343 Industries to resurrect some of this content for PC, and now we’re closer than ever to playing one of the game’s planned stealth missions.

The mission sees Master Chief on the moon, using its dark spots to hide from patrolling Covenant forces, and there’s another mission where being spotted raises an alertness level like a Splinter Cell game.

Apparently stealth was a planned feature for Halo 2, but was never fully realised, though Arbiter’s active camouflage ability is likely a remnant of that idea.

If you’re playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC through Steam, you can download this cut content for yourself and give it a go.

Keep in mind that these missions were never finished during development, and while the community has done a great job of touching them up they’re naturally still a little rough around the edges.

There’s still no word if Xbox players will gain access to in-game mods, though hopefully they do as it’d be great to experience this cut content on a home console.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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