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GTA: Vice city NextGen Edition is one of the prettiest remasters we've ever seen

GTA: Vice city NextGen Edition is one of the prettiest remasters we've ever seen

We're counting down the days until we can play this remaster

Rockstar Games has created some truly iconic games, and while we all have our particular favourites, it’s fair to say that everyone holds GTA: Vice City in high regard. How could we not? It’s such a fantastic part of GTA history.

We’re so besotted with the 2002 title that when some fans spotted Tommy Vercetti’s mansion in the GTA VI trailer, Reddit all but went into meltdown as they theorised about the meaning of its inclusion.

All hands on deck for this amazing GTA: Vice City remaster!

So many of us went to return to the numerous vices of the fictional Vice City in 1980s Miami, even without a graphical upgrade. Luckily for us diehard fans, GTA: Vice City NextGen Edition is in development and looking as pretty as a picture.

This remaster isn’t going to look as crisp or as clean as the upcoming GTA VI (we can but dream), but, compared to its original visuals, this remaster is looking fresh. Since the latest gameplay footage dropped, gamers have flocked to watch what this upcoming mod has to offer, and boy oh boy, they’ve not been disappointed.

“Awesome, can't wait to see the release,” posted one fan, while another said, “Oh, damn, in engine cutscenes? This is next gen indeed! Amazing work Rev. Team!” We could show you more comments, but, honestly, they’re all much the same. In truth, it’s heartwarming to see the fandom all excited about something rather than devolving into discourse.

In the clip, we get a glimpse at the ‘All Hands on Deck!’ mission, but the team behind this epic mod are recreating the whole of Vice City in GTA V’s Rage Engine, meaning there’s many more gameplay delights to wow us yet. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for more uploads before we can gush about them, but knowing they’re coming helps immensely.

Will you be joining us in replaying the game once this mod releases? You’d be a fool not to.

Featured Image Credit: Revolution Team - YouTube

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