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Far Cry 4: The Golden Path is basically an entirely new game

Far Cry 4: The Golden Path is basically an entirely new game

Far Cry 4 fans have a new adventure waiting

Far Cry 4 is often held up as the best game of the series, one that overshadows the rest of the bunch in quite some way.

However, no game is perfect, and many fans playing, particularly nowadays looking back, will notice a few issues here and there, which is where the modding community steps in.

With Far Cry 6 tapping Hollywood for its villain, will we see the same for the next game?

Far Cry 4: Golden Path is a mod that completely overhauls the base game implementing several new elements,and cleaning up some older textures, while also adding in updated mechanics to make for a better experience.

As the mod creator themself says, “[Far Cry 4] is considered by most to be one of, if not the best game of the Far Cry franchise. But, alas, not all games are perfect. The Far Cry 4 Golden Path Mod aims to fix that and make the Far Cry 4 experience so much better.”

The goal is to give modern players the best experience possible and elevate an already great game. Golden Path is a great way to experience the game, whether you’re new or a returning player.

Far Cry 4 sees you exploring the region of Kyrat within the Himalayas. You’re caught up in a civil war as a young Kyrait-American and must fight alongside your country to topple the tyrannical king of Pagan Min.

The game was well-received by most, delivering an engaging story in a beautiful world. Of course, it was filled with bombastic moments of action and excitement, too. However, it is always the world of Far Cry that captures players, no matter the locale.

This is considered the best entry in the long-running franchise, though Ubisoft has attempted to better it with recent instalments. Word is not yet known on the setting and hero of Far Cry 7, the next in the series, but there’s hope that we’ll know more next year.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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