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Fallout: London adds Baldur's Gate 3 star to expansion's growing cast

Fallout: London adds Baldur's Gate 3 star to expansion's growing cast

Excuse us whilst we just go and squeal with delight over this news

I’m going to try and stay neutral during this article, but it may prove hard whilst wearing a Baldur’s Gate 3 t-shirt of the beloved character joining Fallout: London.

As far as ambition goes, Fallout: London, slated for release this year, is one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever seen. Brimming with lots of new content, exceptional voice acting, and a dedicated team working behind the scenes, it’s enough to rival anything officially created by Bethesda.

Many of the fandom were already excited about exploring the merry ol’ streets of London before learning of a Baldur’s Gate 3 actor addition, but since the announcement, the two fandoms have collided and gone wild.

See the sneak peek of this new Fallout: London cast addition for yourselves

We could all debate over which is the most beloved character from BG3, but most will tell you that Astarion ranks pretty highly, if not always first; I, for one, cannot get enough of his sass. What makes the vampire such a delightfully complex character is the actor behind him, Neil Newbon, the very same Newbon joining the Fallout: London cast.

For a PC mod, albeit a huge and incredibly detailed one, to cast an award winning actor for a role is nothing short of incredible. Some may even call it a coup.

Sadly, we don’t get to hear Newbon’s silky tones in the latest Fallout: London video, however, we are given a sneak peek at his character. They have to whet your appetite, darling – they can’t give it all away at once.

We're “beyond excited” for the team creating this expansive mod, with the fandom showering said creatives with “so much love” for all their hard work. Here at GAMINGbible, we can’t wait to see what the rest of Fallout: London has in store for us, nor for that first time hearing Newbon’s voice.

Fallout: London is due to launch this year, yet the wait until we’re finally able to play it still feels too great for us to handle. Thank goodness we can keep watching all the reveal trailers on repeat.

Featured Image Credit: Fallout4London, Larian Studios

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