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Fallout 4: Old Time Religion is a quest mod well worth checking out

Fallout 4: Old Time Religion is a quest mod well worth checking out

Fallout modders keep on giving, especially with Old time Religion – not to be missed, folks!

There are plenty of Fallout mods that are worth checking out, but Fallout 4: Old Time Religion is definitely at the top of our recommendations at the moment. Originally uploaded in 2021, a lot of gamers have been sleeping on this banger, which is a darn shame because it delivers up to two hours of new content, accompanied by fully voiced NPCs. It’s a juicy mod.

What makes this mod such a breath of fresh air is the fact that you can enjoy its content fairly early into your playthrough. Typically, mods ask for you to be at a high level in order for you to successfully navigate the enemies and challenges headed your way. But Old Time Religion only asks for you to be level eight to 10, with the modder saying that it’s “best on a new/clean save”.

Step back in time with the Fallout 4 launch trailer!

Another perk of this particular content bundle is that you don’t need any other mods or DLC installed to play it, which will be a relief for those of you who don’t mod your way through every game, every day and night. This is a simple mod, yet what it offers is really polished content that offers easter eggs from Fallout: New Vegas. I challenge anyone to find a better Bethesda game – bugs and all, it’s such a classic.

If you'd prefer a mod that challenges you, to the point that you might lose your lunch with fear, you want to check out Whispering Hills; as the name suggests, this is a Silent Hill inspired mod, designed to send chills down your spine. Whether it does is dependent on your mental fortitude, of course, but we suspect it’ll scratch that horror itch you have. Otherwise, you can stick with official updates, like the Fight For Freedom season on Fallout 76. Experience the fight for justice across the barren landscape like never before, alongside a new companion.

We might be in for a wait for the next Fallout game to come out, but thank goodness we have a lot of content, either from the devs or from talented modders. Amen.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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