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Fallout 4 mod cuts the game's long loading times in half

Fallout 4 mod cuts the game's long loading times in half

Avoid wasting energy waiting around thanks to the new Fallout 4 mod that cuts loading times

There’s nothing quite like a good mod to enhance the playability of a game, so when we heard about a new Fallout 4 mod that cuts loading times in half, we were beyond thrilled!

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Fallout has given us a lot of joy over the years, especially when it comes to appreciating the finer things in life – like horny fan-art of Deathclaws (it’s a niche taste). But while it’s a franchise many of us love, it’s no lie to say the games are notoriously buggy.

Agonisingly long loading times, janky running animations, and the occasional game crash are part of the Fallout 4 experience. Or, at least they were until Antonix35 created The Long Loading Times Fix, an essential for any PC player. We say essential because you won’t be able to live without it once you’ve experienced its might first-hand.

No, this doesn’t make you indestructible, nor will it help you want to find Shaun after customising settlements for hours on end, but it will make loading new locations a breeze.

The mod doesn’t just cut down loading times by half when transitioning from one location to another, it also improves the frame rate as well. It’s a miracle.

What is more, it isn’t the first mod from Antonix35 that’s made life in the radioactive wastelands much easier – they previously created a mod that smooths out the running animations as well.

Before that glorious mod existed, the speed limit in the game’s memory was set at 500, meaning characters stuttered across the screen. With the mod applied, your character turns into a majestic gazelle… or that’s how you can envision them as they run more fluidly.

If you want to get the most out of these two must-have mods, you might want to explore the whole new world of the Fallout: Wilderness also. We’re not kidding when we tell you it opens up the game by offering players a completely new area to discover. Partner that with the inclusion of new music, uniquely spooky quests, and new NPCs, and this mod is nothing short of perfect.

Who knows, after all the discussions from fans about what changes they’d like to see in Fallout 5, these mods could be the last great remnants of a world we’ll soon to bid farewell to. We say soon, but with Starfield on the way, and The Elder Scrolls IV in the works, we won’t see a new Fallout title for quite some time yet.

The Long Loading Times Fix for Fallout 4 can be downloaded from NexusMods for PC players right now.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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