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Elden Ring meets The Elder Scrolls 6 in upcoming free open world RPG

Elden Ring meets The Elder Scrolls 6 in upcoming free open world RPG

Upcoming release Soulframe looks perfect for fans of Elden Ring and Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls franchise.

We’re all busy scrambling around trying to work out how we’re going to catch up on our 2023 backlog. It’s been a stellar year for video game releases - and therefore impossible to stay up to date with every single banger.

What’s fallen through the cracks for you? I’ll admit, I may have missed Baldur’s Gate 3 but will be diving in imminently. I’m also itching to check out Dredge. The problem is that 2024 is fast approaching, bringing with it 12 months of yet more (hopefully) incredible titles. If you take a look at January alone - a supposedly ‘quiet’ month in the industry - we’re set to get Alone in the Dark, The Last of Us Part II Remastered, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Tekken 8, and Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. I can feel my backlog quivering. Another game I certainly have my eye on next year is Soulframe - perfect for fans of Elden Ring and Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Take a look at Soulframe in action below.

Created by Digital Extremes, Soulframe is the next free-to-play entry from the Warframe developers. Due to launch in 2024, the game boasts an incredible open-world, rich lore, and you’re accompanied by an enormous wolf companion. While, aesthetically, Soulframe shares similarities with Elden Ring and The Elder Scrolls, the wolf companion may be springing to mind another piece of iconic media. That’s right, Princess Mononoke.

It turns out devs were inspired by the Studio Ghibli classic, as well as the film The NeverEnding Story. In a press release, creative director Geoff Crookes said, “With Soulframe’s worldbuilding and thematic elements, we are really looking to go back to our childhood favourites like NeverEnding Story and those elaborate fantasy worlds.” He added, “Our team has a fond love for Miyazaki and Princess Mononoke where there is this idea of nature and humanity colliding and we’ll be exploring a lot of themes around nature, restoration, and exploration in this new title.”

We don’t have a launch date beyond the vague window of 2024, but it’s expected that the title will be released later in 2024. We’ll be keeping a close eye on its progress.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Extremes

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