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Bloodborne spinoff coming to PC, and you can download it free

Bloodborne spinoff coming to PC, and you can download it free

This Bloodborne spin-off looks incredible, and it's free!

Bloodborne fans, it’s time to start your engines because a spin-off is on its way you’d be a fool to miss. Don’t end up choking on the dust of all those who beat you to the finish line.

Few spin-offs get me excited quite like this one has. Bloodborne captured my heart in a unique way, and thus any chance to experience it anew, even if only loosely, is always on the agenda.

Start your engines, it's time for Nightmare Kart!

Nightmare Kart – previously Bloodborne Kart – has undergone a transformation to make it "legally distinct” enough to avoid the wrath of FromSoftware and Sony (again). That’s right, Sony took issue with the game initially and informed Lilith Walther, the developer, that they’d need to “scrub the branding” before moving forward.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what Walther did, gifting us the Steam title you now see before you. As if the change to a new IP wasn’t a thrilling enough development, Nightmare Kart will be free to play; you can keep your cash and Blood Echos.

Its creator hasn’t developed a throwaway PC game but one filled with depth, offering over 20 racers and 16 maps. There are even boss fights, just in case you miss the pain of defeat. Karting has never looked as dangerous or as haunting as it does in this game, and we’re here for it.

“Legally distinct kart let's goo!!” posted one fan in response, while another said, “Let’s goo!! So proud of you Bunlith (Walther’s Twitter name).” They continued, “The original concept was great, but I think it’s really cool with it being your own ideas/characters. Something uniquely yours. Excited for this game and everything that comes after.”

Wonderfully Eldritch mayhem is on the horizon. Who will your rider be, and will they make it until the end? All those questions and more will be answered when Nightmare Kart launches 31 May.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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