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Original Far Cry gets incredible remake thanks to fans

Original Far Cry gets incredible remake thanks to fans

Want to experience Far Cry in VR? Then this amazing fan-made remake is for you

Transport yourself back to 2004: you were just loading up the new Far Cry, excited to see if it would live up to expectations. Little did you realise that 19 years later, you’d still be entranced by this FPS. Better still, that you’d be able to play a VR remake of the original game, thanks to some seriously hardworking fans.

The trio of developers – Holger “cabalistic” Frydrych, devsnd, and praydog – created this impressive mod within a month. A Month. Within that small timeframe, they’ve created a mod that requires very little from its players: a copy of the original game and some VR equipment to enjoy it with is all you need. You’ll be able to enjoy an array of improvements, such as weapon control, visible hands, cutscenes, and the beauty that is quick saves.

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If you like the sound of that, all you need to do is install it. Oh, did we forget to mention it’s free? While a simple RDR port cost nearly $50, this fan-made VR mod will cost you nothing, yet will likely be far more enjoyable. Not that RDR isn’t a good game, but like so many fans, we expected to get more than a port if Rockstar returned to the original game.

Of course, this won’t be the only way to play the first in the Far Cry franchise, as Far Cry seems all but confirmed after a massive leak earlier in 2023. Despite the fact it wouldn’t be in VR, you’d have the added bonus of better graphics, helping to breathe new life into this old game (hate to say it, but it is an old game by today’s standards). Then again, with the demands for Far Cry 7 always doing the rounds on the internet, perhaps it’ll be a new instalment that drops before anything else.

Regardless of whether an official Far Cry remake will happen, there’s always this fan-made VR triumph to fall back on. Make sure to check the VR mod out here, if you're interested in testing driving it for yourself.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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