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Red Dead Redemption remake coming to Switch, says insider

Red Dead Redemption remake coming to Switch, says insider

The upcoming rumoured Red Dead Redemption remake is coming to Switch according to one insider.

I wonder what’s going on over at Rockstar Games HQ. It’s been utter radio silence officially, but it certainly looks as if a remake of Red Dead Redemption is on the way.

A Red Dead Redemption remake has been rumoured for years, but now it looks as if it’s actually happening. Last month, the South Korean ratings board listed a brand new version of the game. You can see this on the GRAC’s website, listed on 15 June, sitting separately to the original 2010 version. As recently as last week, a new logo for the game was seemingly uploaded to Rockstar’s own website, confirming the title Rockstar Presents Red Dead Redemption. All signs point to it being a remake, more so than a remaster - so you don’t need to worry about it being as bad as GTA’s Definitive Edition Trilogy. One insider is now also claiming that the remake is coming to Switch.

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As reported by GGRecon, signs indicate that the rumoured Red Dead Redemption remake may be making its way on the Nintendo Switch. Industry insider TezFunz2 who noticed the logo addition on Rockstar’s website also noted a number of other changes. He tweeted, “Rockstar included RDR1 to the ratings list of the modern site modules. RDR1 original site doesn't use those modules, suggesting a site update. PS3, Xbox 360 and Switch were newly added as platform buttons (CTA).”

That’s not the clearest of explanations but essentially, a Nintendo Switch platform button has been added into the backend of Rockstar’s site. It seems an odd thing to do if you’re not going to imminently announce that the Red Dead remake is heading to Switch. Then again, it’s also not concrete proof, so do take all of this with a pinch of salt. The fact that Switch is listed alongside the PS3 and Xbox 360 is suspect.

While the original game remains largely unplayable on PlayStation and Xbox (unless you have an Xbox 360 or PS3), it’s never been released on Switch. We do have Gamescom’s Opening Night Live at the end of August. Could Rockstar use this as a platform to finally announce the remake? Or are they going to drop it on us out of nowhere? I hope it’s not the latter.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, Nintendo

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