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Nintendo Switch gamers can grab a ton of free games right now, no subscription needed

Nintendo Switch gamers can grab a ton of free games right now, no subscription needed

Nintendo Switch players can play a bunch of games for free right now.

Nintendo Switch games are expensive, and they’re not getting cheaper anytime soon, thankfully there’s a whole bunch of free-to-play games you might be missing.

Freebies are worth downloading when you can on the Nintendo Switch, especially so you can save up for some of the console’s real heavy-hitters, like Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door which releases later this month.

Check out the trailer for the new Paper Mario game below

Now there’s a big long list of games you can play for free, and if I went through all of them we’d probably be here all month, so I’m going to break down some of the best ones below. The full list can be found on Nintendo’s website though in case you want to look for yourself.

First is a game that needs no introduction, Fortnite, the battle-royale that’s free on every platform but on the Switch you can at least play it portably.

Since it’s not as powerful as an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 you’ll be sacrificing graphics and frames, but it’s still just Fortnite, and all the updates it's received have made it worth going back to.

Next is something a bit more topical, Fallout: Shelter. This is one of Bethesda’s mobile games that lets you become your very own vault overseer, perfect if you’ve just come off the Fallout TV series.

You’ll manage your vault down to the most minute details, welcome in new dwellers, and defend it from invaders, it’s good fun.

Finally I’d highly recommend Super Kirby Clash, where you and up to three friends can team-up as Kirby and other characters to fight boss after boss after boss.

It was the pink monstrosity’s birthday earlier this week so why not give him some love with a free action-platformer?

There are plenty more games where that came from, so check out the full list and see if any others catch your eye.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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