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Bethesda's Todd Howard reveals favourite moment from Amazon's Fallout TV series

Bethesda's Todd Howard reveals favourite moment from Amazon's Fallout TV series

Todd Howard shares favourite scene from the hit Fallout show

Bethesda’s very own Todd Howard has recently revealed what his favourite moment from the Amazon Fallout show really is and it is a tad unsurprising for fans of the gaming series.

It has been two weeks since Amazon’s Fallout TV show dropped and it is safe to say that it is already being considered as one of the best video game adaptations of all time.

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Thanks to its nods to the game as well as telling its own story, it is no wonder that the Amazon show quickly got snapped up for a second season and Fallout games in general are hitting record-breaking numbers.

However, fans were eager to learn what Bethesda head Todd Howard had to say about the show, considering he wanted the adaptation to be “authentic” and “true to the world of Fallout”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly considering Howard’s style of game design, his favourite moment from the show was at the very beginning when Lucy leaves the vault and has her first look at the post-apocalyptic land before her.

"I still love the moment that Lucy comes out of the vault," Howard says in a recent Q&A video published by Bethesda. "I think that captures so much. It's an earned moment, and visually a really, really beautiful one."

For Howard, it marks a “step out moment” that is prevalent in all Bethesda titles and something he spoke about back in 2021 about the then-unreleased Starfield. "We always have that 'step out' moment into the world, so to say."

"The technology has changed. We've all changed. So our expectations when loading up a game, like, 'Okay, I'm going to step out and there's going to be this moment.' Us being able to do that and have it feel new every generation, every game, is something that is really special about what we do."

It is clear that this “step out moment” was executed perfectly in the show and something that Howard himself is pleased about.

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