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Nintendo Switch gamers need to check out this free Pokémon game

Nintendo Switch gamers need to check out this free Pokémon game

A cute Pokémon game for free?

If you can’t resist cute Pokémon, and you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, this free game should be downloaded as soon as you can.

Nothing beats the bright world of Pokémon; lavish, eye-popping colours, cute critters, and this is all rolled up in a puzzle game that’s as fiendish as it is engaging.

Bright and colourful worlds go hand-in-hand with Pokémon just like in Pokémon Snap

Pokémon Cafe ReMix asks you to set up a cafe and run it alongside adorable Pokémon. You’ll get to recruit your favourite pocket monsters with their fancy little uniforms, and form friendships that will boost the popularity of your cafe.

It’s a simple affair, during the puzzle rounds you must match up Pokémon to clear the board to score big and improve your relationship with your Pokémon buddies. Each Pokémon has unique skills to aid in the puzzles and can be dressed up in fun outfits and accessories.

Make sure you complete puzzles quickly to serve your customers and upgrade your cafe.

Pokémon Cafe ReMix is just the kind of game you need to unwind from a busy life, or it’s perfect to play with family alongside. Who doesn’t love Pikachu and Eevee? You’ll love them even more in these ultra-stylish visuals.

Everything you imagine from a world of Pokémon is here; a quirky and infectious soundtrack, all your favourite Pokémon, and an engaging game that is hard to put down.

This is a remixed version of an older game and has been brought to the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-start title. If you were already a Pokémon Cafe Mix player you can transfer over your golden acorns so you’re not missing out.

It is worth noting that as this is a touchscreen game, you cannot play in TV mode or tabletop mode. Don’t let that stop you from creating the best Pokémon cafe.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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