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Nintendo Switch drops 3 free downloads you can claim now

Nintendo Switch drops 3 free downloads you can claim now

You’ll go ape for this freebie!

If you’re a big fan of the classic Nintendo mascot that isn't an Italian stereotype, then this Donkey Kong freebie might send you bananas.

When it comes to being a Nintendo mascot, they do not get much bigger (quite literally) than the beloved ape known as Donkey Kong. Even though Super Mario does claim most of the spotlight and despite the duo debuting together in the arcade video game Donkey Kong in 1981, it might be easy to forget that everyone’s favourite ape has been around as long as the popular plumber.

Check out the Mario vs. Donkey Kong trailer below!

The friendly rivalry that was born with Mario and Donkey Kong in 1981 would last decades and just this year, we were treated to a remake of the Game Boy Advance classic from 2004 with Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

In our 2024 review of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, we said: “It’s far from Mario’s best, but certainly a fun time whether alone or with friends via a new co-op mode. I do wonder whether it would have been better if Nintendo had built a brand-new instalment from the ground up, but what we have is an undeniably delightful - if relatively exciting - addition to the Switch library.”

However, if you want to play some retro Mario and Donkey Kong antics and if you’re a subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online, then you’re in luck. Not only can you play the classic Donkey Kong NES port from the 1980s via the NES app on the Nintendo Switch, but you can also claim Donkey Kong-inspired icons to proudly display on your Switch profile.

On the Nintendo Switch dashboard, it already gives you a free selection of icons to use on your profile but in the case of this free special Donkey Kong icon, you will at least have to play the NES game to claim it. It seems there is no time requirement to claim the icon, you just need to boot up the game, but I’d seriously recommend playing this NES gem.

Donkey Kong icons/

There are multiple Donkey Kong-inspired icons to choose from, including his arch nemesis Mario as well as Pauline, who was the ‘damsel-in-distress’ in the original Donkey Kong game but also made an appearance in 2017’s Super Mario Odyssey. It’s worth noting that each icon does cost 10 Platinum points, which is free Nintendo currency you get for playing games, which includes the likes of this year's Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

The free Donkey Kong icons expire on 1 July 2024. Mario vs. Donkey Kong is out now on the Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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