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Nintendo Switch drops new wave of free downloads you can claim now

Nintendo Switch drops new wave of free downloads you can claim now

Spoilt for choice

If you’ve been waiting for a reason to jazz up your Nintendo profile, such an opportunity has arrived.

Nintendo has just dropped a new selection of Nintendo Switch downloads for free, to help make your profile stand out from the crowd.

To celebrate Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – a game we described as a “vibrant reprint of a beloved must-read" – there are several new profile icons to choose from.

Have you played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door yet?

You could opt for Mario, but why settle for such a basic choice?

With a choice of Vivian, Beldam, Hooktail, Koops, Madame Flurrie, and Marilyn, it would be foolish to merely settle for the main character, beloved though he may be.

As per Twitter account @IconsNSO, “A new wave of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door Nintendo Switch Online icons is now available!”

So far, fans are delighted with the free downloads on offer; especially Vivian fans. Recently, speculation that Vivian is trans has all but been confirmed by the remake, and thus many stan accounts have popped up to celebrate this LGBTQIA+ icon.

Although not everyone is as supportive of their identity, Vivian is a steadfast choice for refreshed Nintendo Switch images.

“I have a strange feeling everyone on my friend list is about to become a Vivian PFP,” said @treystar679, seemingly alluding to the number of profile pics about to change.

Elsewhere, other players spared a thought for poor Koops, who many suspect won’t be picked often, if at all. User @thetreyceratops joked, “That one person who picks Koops,” alongside a picture of Homer Simpson in a lesbian bar surrounded by women.

These downloads won’t stick around forever, so now is the time to act to make sure you get your favourite character.

Whether more Paper Mario icons are coming remains unknown, though many are hoping they are so they can “die in peace”.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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