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Nintendo Switch 2 quietly teased, and we all missed it

Nintendo Switch 2 quietly teased, and we all missed it

The Nintendo Switch 2 is inevitable

The Nintendo Switch 2 was teased during this week’s Nintendo Direct, in a blink and you’ll miss it moment.

With news that Xbox and PlayStation are both working on the next-generation of home consoles, many have wondered when Nintendo plans on unveiling its next piece of hardware, and thanks to the latest Nintendo Direct we have some ideas.

One game announced during the Nintendo Direct was a new Legend Of Zelda game, check it out below

Amongst the announcements we finally got our first-look at Metroid Prime 4, now called Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, and while it looked absolutely gorgeous it's 2025 release date seems like a decent hint on what’s yet to come.

Rumours suggest Nintendo plans to release a successor to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year, meaning a game like Metroid Prime 4: Beyond could potentially be a launch title. However if it’s also releasing on Nintendo Switch that could mean one huge realisation, the next Switch might be backwards compatible.

Of course nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but Nintendo has been known to ensure its next major console is compatible with the last one, think Nintendo GameCube to Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii to Nintendo WIi U.

With how big the Nintendo Switch library is in terms of first-party releases, and with so many new releases this year alone, it’d only make sense for the next system to support that vast library of software.

There are even rumours of an enhanced version of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild being created for the next console, so we might even see some upgraded titles like what Xbox and PlayStation has done with its games. Of course it remains to be seen if the upgrades will be free or if you’ll have to pay to enhance your games.

The Nintendo Switch 2 still hasn’t been announced, but at this point it seems all but inevitable, so hopefully we see something towards the end of the year.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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