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Nintendo drops surprise free download, but you don't have forever

Nintendo drops surprise free download, but you don't have forever

Get yourself some free Nintendo goodies

Nintendo Switch Online is a bevy of free stuff, from games to online services, but it’s not just those things. You can also get some very cool customisation options, too.

These extra goodies are unlocked and claimed by completing various missions across the Nintendo platforms and mobile applications to earn platinum points, which can be exchanged for things like profile icons.

Metroid Fusion is a great place to start with the series if you've never played before

The latest batch of these additions comes from Metroid Dread and the collection features icons of Samus in various poses, as well as her ball form.

You can mix and match the icons with borders and frames that are also available via the Nintendo Switch Online platform, as showcased on Twitter.

It’s likely we’re seeing Samus and Metroid generally due to the recent showing of Metroid Prime 4 in the latest Nintendo Direct. So, if you’ve been waiting for some Metroid Dread personalisation, you’re in luck.

However, you don’t have long to claim these wondrous freebies. You have until 9 July to snag this lovely set, so you’ll need to be quick and cash in your platinum points.

Metroid Dread is the latest in the Metroid series and took the game back to a 2D side-scrolling format while still using 3D models. It was a beautiful modern experience with plenty of retro leanings for long-time fans.

So, why aren’t these icons representing Metroid Prime 4? Well, it’s likely that Nintendo doesn’t want to reveal their hand too early and any artwork released will be picked apart by fans.

If you’re holding out for some swish Metroid Prime 4 icons, you’ll have a bit of a wait as these will probably release alongside the game in 2025.

Nintendo has done a great job on these icons and borders that even non-fans will want to grab them to round out their collections, or just marvel at the great details in the art.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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