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Live action Zelda film in the works, insider teases

Live action Zelda film in the works, insider teases

According to one insider, Universal and Nintendo are currently developing a live action Zelda film.

Words by Dan Lipscombe

It was inevitable after the huge success of The Super Mario Bros Movie that discussion would move to other Nintendo franchises that could be adapted. As the plumbing duo are now streaming everywhere, the gaming world is wondering what comes next. Is Zelda the next choice?

As of 5 September, the Mario animated film debut has earned a worldwide total of $1.36 billion, which must have heads at both Nintendo and Universal scouring the Japanese developer’s back catalogue.

Take a look at our top five favourite Zelda unforgettable moments.

No, we’re probably not going to see that Burger Time film we all want, but will we see Nintendo’s famed silent protagonist step into the big screen? Let’s be honest, while we would all fear the end result, The Legend of Zelda is a perfect formula for adaptation - brave hero, beautiful princess, a land steeped in legend, a truly evil enemy ... it's got it all.

Admit it, Chris Pratt as Ganon would have you buying a ticket. Though I wouldn’t be against Anya Taylor-Joy coming over from her role as Princess Peach to play Zelda.

Jokes aside, the success of Mario shows there is a hunger for more. Even producer of Tears of the Kingdom Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi expressed an interest in a Zelda movie. After The Super Mario Bros Movie released, there was talk that Illumination were moving on to Zelda. It now seems that Universal Pictures has a finger in the pie.

If rumours from a reliable source are to be believed, namely MyTimeToShineHello, Universal Pictures are already at work “developing a live action Legend of Zelda movie”.

The question is, at this point, if this is happening, should it be live action? We’ve already had so many bad video game movies, and one could argue that Mario Bros succeeded because of its animated charms.

This rumour is exactly that, a rumour. However, it’s a rumour that could easily be wrapped in a veil of truth, because it’s unlikely Nintendo would say no to another billion dollar grossing film project.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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