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Hogwarts Legacy fans amazed by Harry Potter RPG's Switch performance

Hogwarts Legacy fans amazed by Harry Potter RPG's Switch performance

Look at the Switch handling this RPG like a pro!

It’s always a risk when open-world adventures come out on different consoles. Although many of us love the Nintendo Switch, myself included, it can struggle when handling large games; it’s part of the reason Hogwarts Legacy fans have been worrying. That worry is misplaced, though, as the Switch’s performance of the RPG has exceeded expectations.

Having been around since 2017 with no real update save for the OLED version, the Switch is getting on in console years. And although there are various rumours about when its successor will be released, there’s nothing tangible for us to work with. Consequently, we’re all just holding on, hoping and praying that the Switch can pull through for us once more.

It's almost time for the Switch version, so make sure to watch the Hogwarts Legacy launch trailer!

After Mortal Kombat 1’s shoddy performance on the Switch, resulting in fans slamming the game for the port, it’s understandable that Hogwarts Legacy players were concerned. But a gameplay leak on the small but mighty handheld console has amazed fans. Sadly, much of the footage has been removed over on Reddit, which sucks for anyone yet to see it, however, hopefully, the surprise and positivity from fans will prove the wait has been worth it.

“That looks... good? Honestly can't believe it's running at all,” posted one surprised gamer, while another commented, “I've always felt that the fact they didn't rush it out with the other versions was a positive sign that they were willing to put in the time to get it to work with the Switch's limitations.” Although gamers often get annoyed by games being held back, like Baldur’s Gate 3 due to the Xbox Series S' limitations, delays can be for the best.

With Hogwarts Legacy looking “better” than anyone could have imagined, the fandom is eager for 14 November to hurry up. However, a word to the wise from one cautious Steam Deck player, “Just to be clear as a Steam Deck player, I was like ‘this isn’t so bad’ on the intro portion, then was like ‘….oh’ after getting to the castle.”

They continued, “It had gotten a bit better after a few settings tweaks and performance updates though, so it’s possible/probable the Switch version is good there as well out of the box. I just wanted to put that out as a caveat though that the intro area isn’t the most thorough stress test.”

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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