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Batman: Arkham Knight is 'unplayable' on Nintendo Switch in new footage

Batman: Arkham Knight is 'unplayable' on Nintendo Switch in new footage

Batman: Arkham Knight is reportedly 'unplayable' on Nintendo Switch as Arkham Trilogy port releases.

Well, this isn’t what we wanted to hear. Some players are calling Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Nintendo Switch partially ‘unplayable’.

It was always going to be an ambitious port. It’s a well known fact that while the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, it struggles to cope with the kind of open-world games we might play on PlayStation or Xbox’s consoles. You need only look at Hogwarts Legacy as a recent example. Many fans said the game shouldn’t have been released on Switch after finding that the number of sacrifices made in order to get the game running, essentially took away a lot of what indeed made the world open in the first place. The Arkham Trilogy is the latest game release to struggle, but reports say it’s predominantly Arkham Knight that’s a real mess.

Take a look at Batman: Arkham Trilogy’s trailer below.

Twitter user and YouTuber GameRiotArmy was the first to raise concerns, taking to the social media site to say, “Warning, I would stay away from the Batman: Arkham Trilogy on Switch. This is unplayable.” The accompanying video clip was taken from Arkham Knight. While graphically, the game is looking in quite a nice shape, there’s no overlooking the blatant lag. It’s not easy to aim and shoot when your game is glitching all over the place.

The user later added, “So Arkham Knight I would stay away from (at least until it's patched). Arkham Asylum is pretty solid, but still not ideal. FPS drops in combat. Arkham City is actually pretty good and would recommend picking it up,” so it’s not all bad news. Still, it’s assuredly disappointing to hear for anyone who pre-ordered and had a copy arrive today.

GameRiotArmy also said that the game drops to 20fps, with it reportedly crashing at 2fps on one occasion. It’s worth noting that GameRiotArmy confirms that they have already downloaded the release patch. All we can hope is that we see a further patch dropped as soon as possible.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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