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Hogwarts Legacy finally gets New Game Plus thanks to hard-working fans

Hogwarts Legacy finally gets New Game Plus thanks to hard-working fans

Time for another round

Hogwarts Legacy fans can finally play a mode they've been asking for since the game launched last year, and it's all thanks to the hard work of one dedicated gamer.

Hogwarts Legacy has generated well over $1 billion since launching back in February, and we still have the Nintendo Switch launch to come. Rumours abound that Avalanche Software is working on its next project, which is almost certainly Hogwarts Legacy 2, but what about DLC for the current game?

Take a look at one of Hogwarts Legacy's best secrets below!

As far as we're aware there are no plans for Hogwarts Legacy to get an expansion, which seems like a massive missed opportunity. Fans already have tons of ideas for where DLC could go. Heck, even if we don't get story DLC, there are plenty of fans out there who just want to see New Game Plus added to the game.

The good news is that you can now enjoy New Game Plus in Hogwarts Legacy! The bad news? It's not an official download. Still, PC gamers looking for an excuse to replay the magical sim as the nights draw in should definitely check this out.

The Hogwarts Legacy Simulate New Game Plus Save mod does exactly what it says: it starts you in a new game with a bunch of items and progression, similar to how it would go down in an official New Game Plus mode.

The only catch is that you obviously won't start a new game with all the gear and upgrades you earned, as the modder can only simulate their own save. Still, if you fancy starting from scratch with a crap-ton of gear, gold, and all spells unlocked, then you should definitely go ahead and check this mod out.

Hopefully Avalanche Software give us the real thing somewhere down the line, but this will do until then.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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