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Hogwarts Legacy 'Fall Update' seemingly following free summer DLC

Hogwarts Legacy 'Fall Update' seemingly following free summer DLC

Dare we we believe these rumours...?

The Hogwarts Legacy summer update isn’t quite here yet, and still attentions are focused elsewhere.

Not only is the DLC getting roasted by the fandom for being so sparse, but fans are already hoping a fall update is on the way.

It seems their wishes might come true.

Unleash the magic of Hogwarts Legacy!

Redditor Accomplished-Rip1453 shared a screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy that references a “fall update”, alongside the question, “Will we get ‘Fall 2024 Update’?”

Given the lack of excitement from much of the fandom regarding the summer DLC, this find hasn’t exactly stoked a raging fire; expectations are low.

“That would be a pleasant surprise for sure, though I don't want to get my hopes up,” revealed Harley4L. “I'm expecting the new update this week to be the last and hope they've fixed the remaining bugs and glitches.”

As you can see, despite the Harry Potter title being quite beloved by its players, it’s desperately lacking the substance such a big game is expected to deliver.

So much so that people are questioning why updates and DLC are in such short supply.

User fool_spotter_bot commented how it would be a “no brainer” to give gamers additional updates this autumn. However, they weren’t 100 percent convinced it would happen.

Much like many other Reddit users; another fan posted, “Hm. It could be that they've made things they had planned for the summer update and didn't quite make it. Warner Bros [...] appear to keep the classic corporate ‘we don't say sh*t’ approach to it.”

Doubt isn’t the only issue plaguing the game, nor is it the biggest – there’s a game breaking bug that fans are being urged to try and avoid.

We knew learning magic wouldn’t be easy, but we never anticipated facing such tedious, niggling trials.

The jury is still out on whether an autumn DLC will happen. There's no shortage of fans demanding more content, the problem is whether the devs and publishers listen.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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