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GTA VI to reportedly have an impressive open world detail

GTA VI to reportedly have an impressive open world detail

Rockstar's upcoming GTA VI game will reportedly boast some impressive open-world details.

We’re ever so slightly closer to GTA VI and the long wait sounds like it’ll be worth it, especially if Rockstar’s upcoming game features these open world details.

It’s believed GTA VI has taken Rockstar Games around a decade to make which would make a lot of sense considering the developer always aims to push the boundary of new-gen gaming. Red Dead Redemption 2 was an innovation for open world gaming in almost every way, so you can only imagine the level of detail Rockstar is pouring into GTA VI right now.

Check out the first trailer for GTA VI below

That being said you might not have to imagine at all, as a PlayStation dev has confirmed several details about the upcoming release, and while none of them involved a potential release date they did shed some light on what the open world might have in store for us.

As we all know the game will be focused on two protagonists this time around, Lucia and Jason. The star-crossed lovers will be working together to finally have a life worth living, leading many fans to believe a 2025 Valentine’s Day launch could be a likely release date.

The latest leaks suggest the pair will be living in the same place throughout the game, which will change as you progress through the story. It’s also stated that the world and NPCs will remember your character’s appearance, meaning police may recognise and pursue you if you’re wearing the same outfit you wore while committing crimes. The same can be said for your vehicle. This ties in with previous leaks the game will feature incredibly intelligent AI.

It’s also stated your actions will circulate on the in-game news, with characters reportedly discussing your actions online.

Of course take this with a grain of salt, though if it turns out to be true we could soon bear witness to one of the greatest open world games ever designed, and a tough act to follow for games released after it.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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