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GTA 6 release date already has gamers everywhere planning mass sick day

GTA 6 release date already has gamers everywhere planning mass sick day

It's going to be a truly sick sick day

We’ve all made plans for when GTA VI launches. However, some fans are making sure they get as much time gaming as possible by planning to call in sick to work.

Recent development updates, and leaks ahead of the second trailer, have all helped ramp up the energy for the GTA fandom. They were already gently humming with excitement – now they’re vibrating.

The hype won’t stop anytime soon, and with that lack of chill comes discussions over how best to celebrate when launch day arrives.

Need a quick hit of GTA? Then here's the GTA VI trailer

Some fans aren’t even talking just a day off, they’re intending to book an entire week off to savour every moment. “I'm planning on taking a week off to play this game. Is that pathetic? Anybody else planning something similar?” asked a Redditor.

Luckily, they’re not alone in planning ahead.

Buckle up, some of these plans are ridiculously specific and very OTT (but we love them all the same).

“Dude if I could get a release date... I'm going for a full three weeks, saving up PTO like a mother lover,” revealed one gamer. “[I’m] taking two days off before the game even comes out so I can road trip to a dispensary.”

Another commented, “Most of the world will come to a halt and business will slow due to everyone's sudden absent. Lmao.”

Big celebrations all around for Rockstar Games fans when the time comes and GTA VI is here. We’d weep for all the businesses that’ll grind to a halt, but come on now, we need and deserve this break to immerse ourselves in the game.

Yet, before we get to that point, the fandom still has to experience being driven around the ben by all the second trailer theories floating about. There’s no rest for the wicked, and there definitely isn’t for GTA fans.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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